Smif-n-Wessun Discuss Their Origins, The 20th Anniversary of “Dah Shinin”, Duckdown Records & More

After they tore the roof of the Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge MA we sat down with Steele & Tek to talk 20th anniversary of “Dah Shinin'” and its importance in the shaping the sound of the sound coming out of Brooklyn. Reminiscing back over the time frame of the album Steele lets us know the scenario surrounding their introduction to the scene 20 years ago. Dart goes on to mention the albums introductory track “Bucktown” and how it set the foundation of the rest of the record and help define Smif-n-Wessun’s sound throughout their careers. Continuing his point, Steele goes on to talk about how they were brought into the movement by Da Beatminerz and some of the other artists on Duckdown that helped them learn how to move forward with their record. Speaking further on their team starting out they let us know how Black Moon, specifically Buckshot helped them focus on not making the same mistakes they saw other artist making during the creative process.

Tek takes the mic next and lets us know the mindset behind their crew and how important it is to share your success with the other members of your crew. He also goes in to talk about how he initially started rapping with Steele and what he was doing before Smif-n-Wessun was formed. Following up on that point Tek lets us know the work that is involved with coming up in the game today and how their are no shortcuts.

To close out the interview Dart and Smif-n-Wessen discuss Brian Coleman’s book “Check the Technique 2” and the history included on the group and the importance of documenting hip hop as it grows.


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