Reks & Hazardis Soundz Talk “Eyes Watching God”, Upcoming Work & More!

We got the chance to sit down with REKS and Hazardis Soundz to talk about their new album “Eyes Watching God” and a lot of the themes they touch upon throughout the project. Along the same lines they also touch on how their music has changed to include more messages and be more political in light of the way the world has become over the years especially with the way it is today.

The two go on to talk about how they linked up originally and what made them want to work together on a whole album. REKS goes on to tell us how his features came together for the album and what does and does not go through his head when he thinks about who he is going to collaborate with.

Finishing off the interview REKS & Hazardis Soundz outline the solo projects they have coming over the next year. Hazardis tells us about his project with NORE and a solo release, both coming early 2014, and REKS tells us about his plans for a super aggressive album with Termanology. Step your game up if you expect to fuck with anything these dudes are putting out soon.



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