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Monoxide Child took some time to talk to us about just about everything you would want to know about Twiztid since going out on their own.  There is far too much to go into on this one so we broke it down for you by subject below.  Click the times in the front and it will bring you to that part of the video.

0:42 Mono goes into detail discussing “The Darkness” – the first official Twiztid studio album released on their new imprint Majik Ninja Entertainment.

2:06 Monoxide explains what its like doing everything by themselves and running their own label. He explains how righting everything they thought was wrong with their previous label situation lead to their longest charting album in 20 years. Mono talks the importance of pushing an album for longer than just the first week.

5:28 Mono talks how the behind the scenes business of the music industry is his true passion and how rapping gave him the opportunity to be in a position to run his own business in the music industry. Explains how with their label they plan on grooming artists they sign to by well balanced businessmen who can run their entire careers the right way.

8:30 Majik Ninja Entertainment is almost ready to announce 5 new signees!! They just need to wrap up some legalities.

9:40 Monoxide explains his incredible eye for talent that he has not had a chance to sign. In the past he was aware and wanted to sign Rittz, Yelawolf, Snow the Product, Hopsin and eminem before the masses knew who they were.

10:45 Monoxide talks how he was trying to sign eminem to psychopathic records while they were busy beefing: “they could have changed the history of music”. While people were charging eminem for stage time he always told them he could open up for them. AGAIN – he stresses his ear for talent and tips his previous label ignored, he wants people to know he knows talent and will sign greatness.

11:58 Monoxide gives us some details about the artists he’s about to sign – where they’re from and why he chose them.

12:50 He explains that with his artists “he doesn’t want to dictate, he just wants to put cherries on top”. Mono explains that while there will be extreme quality control at their label he does not want to dictate the sound of their music or put too much of his sound in there. Gimmicks and race don’t matter – it’s all about talent.

14:31 The next move – they want to hit 2015 hard as Twiztid then take a back seat and disappear from music for a bit so their roster has a chance to shine.

15:30 Twiztid’s making a movie! Right now their prepping the movie so that while they take a back seat musically to let the roster shine, they can make the movie and stay relevant in a different way. He also gets into his desire to start a radio program and maybe be a part of satalite radio.

16:28 More doors opening after leaving PSY. After leaving Psychopathic retailers were looking to see what they could do. After meeting with retailers for a year they now have TONS of offers and licensing deals being thrown at them. They’ve been spending a ton of time sifting through terrible offers to see what offers are dope and fit the brand. They’ve been passing on a lot of money offers in order to maintain brand integrity.

19:18 Mono talks balancing the pressure as corporate mainstream america has approached them and sees them as the brand that will bring horror-core to the main stream. “Finally, the proper representation of what this music is all about”.

22:57 His take on why mainstream artists are starting to do things they’ve always done to connect with fans such as meet and greats – he doesnt think he inspired them but that it was the next logical step.

24:05 April is Twiztids Fam Appreciation month! He explains why they’re doing it and why they give so much back. Instead of pocketing all of their new proceeds they put most of their money back into the operation in ways that give fans the best possible products and experiences for their money.

25:58 How after 20+ years they’ve managed to NEVER lose touch with their core. By turning down offers from major tours and festivals they’ve maintained their integrity. They passed on a tour with Limp Bizkit at the peak of their career and turned down a record deal for nearly 1 MILLION dollars because the label had a vision they didn’t agree with.

27:48 Their initial plan after leaving Psychopathic – originally they just wanted to be a group, but within 90s days they saw events take place in the music industry that inspired them to start their own record label.

30:40 The merch since going off on their own, thoughts of a pop up shop and a BRAND NEW CLOTHING LINE that has nothing to do with Twiztid. Kanye has his things going on with $100 t-shirts – this will be something his fans can afford.

32:08 The year long process behind their new shoe. They went to China to find the best designer. Monoxide talks about how the secondary market evaporated and how its a MAJOR goal for them to bring the secondary market back by doing it right. When they tell you somethings limited, it IS actually limited and will never be made again.

34:40 – Growing up poor, how style determind how people treat you, having nice clothes even without food in the house and why that was the case- how music saved him from what could have been prison or death.

38:16 Performing Mostasteless start to finish at their RI Mystery Show last month. Why they decided to do it and how amazing it was. He explains that even though they could have cashed in on it – they did it sporadically because to them it was more about the moment than the money. The element of surprise made it

39:44 If they had to perform an album from another artist start to finish what would it be? “No One Can Do It Better” by D.O.C. is the first that comes to mind – he explains why.

41:48 His favorite albums as of late? His recent obsession with Kendrick lamars “To Pimp A Butterfly” He likes the 1st three songs so much he hasnt even heard the rest of the album yet.

44:27 Other artists he’d like to work with? It’s more than just their music but who he thinks is cool from interviews. Based on who they are behind the scenes he’s really digging Action Bronson, Wale, Tyga (for his interviews – not music lol) and J Cole. He explains J Cole might be the dopest artists in the game to him and loses his mind over the thought of a Cole and Kendrick album coming to fruition.

46:30 His issues with and everything he finds wrong with WorldStarHipHop – amazing rant!

48:55 His (spoiler free) thoughts on The Walking Dead finale. Gives us first impression of the spinoff and how he thinks it would play out if it took place in Detroit – goes into detail explaining just how fucking scary and dangerous Detroit can be

51:28 Words of wisdom from Mono



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