Lil Dicky Discusses “Professional Rapper”, Making Serious Music Videos & Getting Back Into Writing

We sat down with Lil Dicky to catch up on his latest tour stories, hear about his sexploits and discuss his kickstarted album “Professional Rapper”. To open up on our interview he tell us about the tour so far and what he has been up when it comes to the women he has met along the way. Jumping right into the discussion about “Professional Rapper” LD lets us know how satisfied he is with the project and he got it finished just prior to leaving for his tour. Dicky didn’t let us in on any additional features we could expect on the album but certainly assured us that we are sure to be impressed.

Getting more into his videos we talk about his plans for his new music and whether or not he will make a video for each of his songs. Lil Dicky also details his thoughts on making music videos for his more serious songs and how he would have to go about it given the high standard he has already set for his fans. Moving on to his most recent video he details the inspiration behind “Classic Male Pregame” and why he feels it is so many of his fans can relate.

To close out on the interview Dicky reiterates his current love for Drake and “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” and lets us know some final important details of his debut album “Professional Rapper”



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