Joell Ortiz On “House Slippers”, Being Healthy & Sober and More!

We sat down with Joell Ortiz before his show at Club Church to talk about everything from the album title to his healthier lifestyle. To kick things off he explains to us why he chose to call the Album “House Slippers” and how he felt like he was at home while recording the record. Moving on he recalls his troubles eating well and working out while on tour and how he decided to focus on it during his downtime after the Slaughterhouse album dropped. When asked about the next slaughter album, he said “Its all about timing but currently they are behind the “House Slippers” album” making note that everyone has their own work they are pushing now but the album is done, just a matter of time before the fans get to hear it. To close it out he goes over his favorite track on “House Slippers” and the process behind writing it and ends it all with some sound words of wisdom.



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