Grouch & Eligh On “The Tortoise and The Crow”, Kickstarter & Giving Back To The Fans!

We caught up with Grouch and Eligh before your show at The Middle East to discuss their current tour, their time in Boston and their recently released album “The Tortoise and The Crow”.

To kick off the interview they let us know that in trying to make sure they released everything they could for the fans, they decided that their album would be one solo Grouch record, a solo Eligh record and a third with them as a group. Using Kickstarted to fun this record they went over how they came up with their prize ideas and how it felt to be able to provide the fans with a new level of involvement when making this record.

Moving on from the new album we go over their thoughts on independent artists compared to major label emcees and where it can take you, advice for the younger cats in the game and what they want to leave as a legacy to their fans after they are done with music.

Despite not having any plans for it I hope they come back together with the rest of the Living Legends crew and do a reunion tour. Thankfully when asked they did not completely shut down the idea but simply said, never say never.



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