Fosho Ft. Essele & – Truth

Jason Fosho is a young upcoming rapper, started up “STARKLAN” an “art collective” as he describes it, which has been on a constant uprise. The group includes other upcoming artists like Yada SL , ,JaxXedUp and Kendrum. “The new Q-Tip” as many call him is a genius amalgamation of Trip hop, hip hop and afrobeat. The producer turned rapper’s highly energetic and amazingly creative instrumentals are inspired by his 100% made in Los Angeles tendencies. Mr. Fosho is currently releasing the video for his first official single “TRUTH” from his “Mali, Molly and Tamale” album. The video was shot ,directed and edited by Chris Black with video producer credits for other rappers like ASAP Rocky amongst others. Herewith the youtube link to the official video.

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