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Dee Goodz Solo Debut Family, Friends, Money is aggressive and melodic, the concepts and content are current and relatable to everyone and its title is derived from Dee’s never-ending quest to attain a balance in his life. “Family, Friends, and Money. That’s what life is all about right? This is what I do it for and it is these three things that have been the motivation for me. Above all else, I am trying to be a great Dad versus trying to get the paper” Dee asserts. “Family, Friends, Money is a special moment for me for a few reasons, as a lot of things happened to me while making this album. I moved to NYC, I had to restart the grind in a new and then unfamiliar territory and I got shot in the leg (Fat Trel release party)” Dee laments. “It’s my story thus far and I know it’s a compelling one. The music speaks for itself, I am confident in that! With it, I speak about the things I’ve encountered in life up to this point and I know I am not alone. I know its something that a lot of other young bachelors can relate to.” This Tennessee bachelor is not afraid of taking on a challenge, as Dee relishes the opportunity to speak upon the myriad of issues and topics facing his generation “I want to be the spokesperson for college graduates and other young adults who get money legally hustling, but also the voice for anyone who has been thru a situation and had to hustle in other ways as well; because I have experienced both ends of the spectrum and I am comfortable in any environment.”

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