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  • New Music-The Underachievers

    New Music-The Underachievers

    The Underachievers are an American hip hop duo from Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2011. The group is composed of East Coast rappers AK and Issa Gold. Twitter DatPiff

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  • New Music-Willy Witty

    New Music-Willy Witty

    Willy Witty represents Bronx New York with his smooth flow and Spanglish lyrics.  Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Willy Witty was inspired  at young age by the New York rappers. Twitter Facebook

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  • New Music-Joyner Lucas

    New Music-Joyner Lucas

    I came across this one night looking for someone else. The artist name is Joyner Lucas from Worcester ,Massachusetts( Wortown stand up!)  I must say this is what hip hop really needs, a new sound and direction. The video is a little “different”  but his lyrics and sound speak for themselves. Check em out!  Twitter Facebook   Related articles Joyner Lucas finds himself between mixtapes

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  • New Music – Anyextee “Executive Decisions”

    New Music – Anyextee “Executive Decisions”

    Anyextee (Pronounced “Next”) just came back to town after recording his debut album at Kanye West’s studio in Hawaii.  Here is the first official video for the title track “Executive Decisions”, while not on the album itself it should hopefully give you a good idea of what to expect from the CEO turned rapper.  For more info on the album be sure to check out the trailer below and at AmalgamDigital.com.   Follow @Anyextee twitter.com/Anyextee youtube.com/Anyextee instagram.com/Anyextee facebook.com/Anyextee soundcloud.com/Anyextee rapgenius.com/Anyextee

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  • New Music- Pro Era cypher

    New Music- Pro Era cypher

    Pro Era is a rap group out of Brooklyn, NY that everyone will be hearing about more and more this upcoming year.  They have released two mixtapes so far and plan on releasing another one this year.  Everyone in this group can rap and they all work well with each other.  Joey Badass leads the pack right now in notoriety and he is scheduled to drop his solo album sometime this year.  Keep your ears out for these guys as […]

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  • New Music-Ransom

    New Music-Ransom

    I had to post something that i’ve been feeling lately. Check out this track by Ransom and Styles P Produced by  Statik Selektah. Ransom comes from Jersey City, NJ.  I feel that Ransom is the hungriest rapper out there right now. Let me know what you think?? Twitter  

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  • New Music-Troy ave

    New Music-Troy ave

    Troy Ave, taken the name of the block he grew up on in Brooklyn, has been buzzing in New York since 2006. Bringing heat in the form of hype songs with real lyrics this high energy MC got music made by and for the streets. Never apologetic, Troy Ave’s attitude and demeanor is direct and without effort, unlike those who have created a gimmick. He raps what he lives. Twitter Facebook  

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  • New Music-Professor Lyrical – Get Lyrical

    New Music-Professor Lyrical – Get Lyrical

      Professor Lyrical is a Hip hop artist from Lowell, Massachusetts, who also teaches at Northeastern and tours the country, speaking at various college events . His 2005 album iNFiNiTi won for album of the year in the M.I.C. Hip Hop awards in Boston. His rhymes and flow are impeccable. Check out his new album “put em all to shame “I recommend that everyone take a moment and check him out. The digital album is on sale on Amazon.com Facebook […]

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  • New Music-Spits Nelson

    New Music-Spits Nelson

    Spits Nelson is a New Jersey bred hip-hop artist . He has emerged onto the music scene with an arsenal of raw lyrics, clever wordplay and one of the best flows in the game. His blend of intelligent, thought provoking lyricism and confident delivery will prove to draw in more fans with every new release  Twitter Youtube

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  • New Music- Gio Dee

    New Music- Gio Dee

    Gio Dee is a rapper out of Boston, MA with hard-hitting lines that get his stories across.  He has dropped three mix tapes to this point in his career and he is working on another one now titled “TOTB2” (This is Only the Beginning 2).  He has a good sound and comes across the mic as cool and confident with his skills.  He’s been making music for a while now and some more support could help him get to where […]

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  • Schoolboy Q New Album “Oxymoron”

    Schoolboy Q New Album “Oxymoron”

    Schoolboy Q drops his debut major album, “Oxymoron” on February 25.  He is a rapper out of Cali and although he isn’t new to most hip-hop fans, he still has to prove that he can continue to put out great music.  This album will be a test to see how far Schoolboy can go in the rap game.  The video above is for the single “Man of the Year”, we’ll have to wait and see if he can be just […]

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  • New Music- Bishop Nehru

    New Music- Bishop Nehru

    Bishop Nehru is a 17 year old rapper from New York making some really great music.  His lyrics are much more complex than what listeners would expect from a teenager and he creates his own production as well as shooting and editing his music videos.  He has gotten a co-sign by Kendrick Lamar and is looking to compete bar for bar with the other rappers coming out of his state.  He sounds a bit like Joey Badass but there’s still […]

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