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  • Illien Rosewell – Floating Brass

    Illien Rosewell – Floating Brass

    Over a soulful and funky theatrical instrumental provided by well-renowned producer, Nottz Raw, Rosewell showcases his ability to embody a complex and passionate tight-knit style in this explosive narrative. With a harmonically-rich sample that highly satisfies a vision of complete takeover; Rosewell exudes confidence and swagger with a relentless flow attacking any misconception to his lyrical talent. Offering aggressive wordplay and a serious case of “game face” flair, this track symbolizes the sense of agitation mounting – along with that […]

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  • Illien Rosewell – Different Places

    Illien Rosewell – Different Places

    Continue to dive into the unknown world of Illien Rosewell as he takes you into the mind of a traveler. As he moves from state to state, Rosewell finds a way to progress through the relationships made with Different cultures while paying homage with this new record, “Different Places.” Check Out More Music By Illien Rosewell Here Follow Him On Twitter @Illien Facebook, Instagram

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  • Illien Rosewell – Get Somethin’

    Illien Rosewell – Get Somethin’

    Illien Rosewell, Producer/Songwriter out of Norfolk, Virginia, is Back with Another Banger! After blazing the world with the release of “King”, ILL returns with a more up-tempo banger “Get Somethin”, the second track for his upcoming project A Different Mind, is a peek into the mind of the modern day hustler; working against the odds to possibly attain a better perspective for a better life. Check Out More Music By Illien Rosewell Here Follow Him On Twitter @illien Instagram

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