Carey Fountain (DoReMe) – GODD

I am a god, and so are you. That is the message Carey conveys through this very tense song.  The suspenseful chord progressions and deep baseline team up with strong bouncy drums to make this self-produced song seem very strong and powerful alongside the passion you hear in the artist’s lyrics. “gODD” is a self-empowerment song aimed to enable the listener to realize the true power they possess within themselves regardless to one’s religious ideology. Fountain’s song comes across as a revolutionary ode to coincide with his anger in the lack of self-love seen within the world. The artist aims to use his song to wake individuals up to their God given natural right to be the best they can be regardless of if we live in a world that almost seems to be the metaphorical version of what religious books deem as “hell.” No matter what he stresses that we must all realize that we are all Gods and Godesses should we choose to be and take a higher accountability for our lives.

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